LDI is proud to serve as the official agent of Sanrio brands in Israel. With a wide variety of sweet characters popular among children and adults alike, we offer you a range of opportunities to promote your sales. Whether your organization deals in clothing, food or any other product, this is a golden opportunity to position a leading brand to help you jumpstart sales with most beloved characters.

The brands of the Japanese giant at your fingertips

We might as well face it – the Japanese did it. For years the world of animation has belonged almost exclusively to the Japanese. Sanrio creates and distributes some of the most popular and beloved characters today.

  • Hello Kitty – The sweetest brand that conquered Israel and the world with a wide variety of branding opportunities that all means sweetness.
  • Mr. Men – the many cartoon characters of the Mr. Men series have been accompanying children for years and introducing them to the full spectrum of emotions. Over the years, Sanrio has developed a variety of products for children starring the books characters.
  • Gudetama – Godtama is a cute lazy egg dealing with modern life. Now streaming on Netflix.
  • Aggretsuko – Retsuko the Red Panda is Sanrio’s successful animation brand. The brand series was renewed for a fourth season on Netflix.
  • My melody – Hello Kitty’s sweet and best friend. She is easily recognized by her iconic red marker.

A wide range of customized products

Want to incorporate Sanrio brands into your products? From promotion products to apparel and packaging, LDI provides you with customized content solutions that will allow you to promote products with unprecedented efficiency.

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An anime character created by Sanrio, Aggretsuko (short for Aggressive Retsuko) is a red panda who deals with her office job frustrations by singing heavy metal karaoke after work. The show humorously addresses the struggles of the modern workplace.


A leading brand in children’s toys and baby gear, Fisher-Price is renowned for its quality, safety, and ability to stimulate learning and development through play encouraging exploration and growth.


Created by Sanrio, Gudetama is a lazy egg yolk that has become popular for its relatable lack of motivation and humorous outlook on life. The character’s name combines the Japanese words for “lazy” and “egg.”.


Created by Sanrio, Hello Kitty recognized worldwide by her cuteness and red bow. She represents friendship and kindness encouraging people to project their feelings onto her .


A beloved series of children’s books by Roger Hargreaves, each story introduces a different character with a unique personality trait, such as Mr. Happy or Mr. Tickle. The series teaches valuable life lessons through its charming and beautiful stories.


he beloved character Hello Kitty with her friends: Badtz-Maru, My melody, keroppi and many more!


SEINFELD: The highly known American sitcom about a group of friends in New York City.

world's toughest race

WORLD’S TOUGHEST RACE: A reality TV show about teams competing in a grueling multi-day adventure race in a remote wilderness location.
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