The extensive array of brands offered by the American toy giant serves as LDI’s flagship. Today, we act as exclusive agent of all Mattel brands and are proud to represent it in Israel. With a wide range of customized solutions, we will help you mobilize the great success of Mattel in your sales and marketing system.

The leading toys in the world

Mattel is home to some of the world’s most popular toy brands that generations of children have grown up with.

  • Barbie – the most famous doll in the world that loved by everyone.
  • Fireman Sam – The brave fire fighter is the star of one of the most popular animated series in Israel.
  • Hot Wheels – The Hot Wheels toy car hit that every kid grew up on. 
  • Fisher Price – The well-known and leading baby brand in the world.
  • Master of the universe – The iconic Master of the universe brand including He-Man, Skeletor and more. The brand has been renewed for a series on Netflix.
  • Thomas the engine – Thomas the engine is a successful children’s series that follows Thomas the engine and his friends on various adventures.

Integrating content solutions with leading brands

From the line of clothing products with the Barbie brand to the variety of Fireman Sam products, our franchises and industry connections allow manufacturers and distributors in Israel to integrate selected brands into their product line.

To learn how Mattel brands can be integrated into your product lineup and about the variety of services available to you through LDI, you can leave details on the website today.



An iconic brand that has evolved into a cultural icon, representing fashion, ambition, and infinite potential. With an extensive wardrobe and over 200 careers, Barbie encourages children to imagine themselves in diverse roles, from astronauts to artists, reflecting a message of empowerment and possibility.

Fireman Sam

A British animated children’s series set in the fictional Welsh rural village of Pontypandy, featuring Sam, the fireman, and his colleagues as they protect the village from various dangers. The show focuses on safety, teamwork, and community service.

Hot Wheels

Mattel’s iconic brand, Hot Wheels has captivated fans since 1968 with its detailed die-cast toy cars and elaborate track sets. Hot Wheels has become famous for its detailed models of real and fantasy vehicles, thrilling children and collectors alike with its designs and race tracks.

Thomas & Friends

 A British children’s television series based on the “Railway Series” books by Rev. W. Awdry, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends’ adventures on the Island of Sodor. It teaches lessons about friendship, cooperation, and problem-solving.


A beloved children’s TV show about a purple dinosaur who teaches children important life lessons through song and dance.


A children’s TV show about a friendly construction worker and his team of machines who solve problems in their community.


A line of dolls and accessories featuring human-animal hybrid characters and their adventures.


A stop-motion animated TV show about a young penguin and his family and friends in Antarctica.


A line of miniature dolls and accessories popular with young girls.
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