King Features

LDI represents one of the world’s leading producers of classic cartoon characters. With a wide range of beloved child stars and a wide-ranging operating setup offering a host of consumer products, King Features is one of our most promising franchises.

The characters that shaped our childhood 

  • Popeye – whole generations of children grew up on this grumpy sailor with his pipe and beloved Olive. The character that brought back the spinach’s lost glory is one of the most popular and oldest character owned by this entertainment giant.
  • Cuphead – Cuphead is mischievous, childish and extremely energetic, and gets into trouble at times, but nevertheless has a good heart and cares about his family and friends more than anything else. Now streaming on Netflix “The Cuphead Show”.

All content solutions under one roof

We will be happy to help you integrate the beloved King Features characters into your products and build an informed, tailored, and effective sales promotion strategy. For more information about our range of services and franchises for the wide range of brands available to you through LDI, you can leave details on the website now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



A critically acclaimed indie game and now a TV series, “Cuphead” is known for its challenging gameplay and distinctive 1930s cartoon aesthetic. The game is notable for its challenging gameplay and unique art style, following Cuphead and his brother Mugman’s quest to repay their debt to the devil.


A spinach-loving sailor with superhuman strength, Popeye navigates adventures with humor and heart. His adventures often involve his love interest Olive Oyl and battling his rival, Bluto.


A science fiction hero who travels to other planets and fights villains with his bravery and quick thinking.


A comic book hero who fights crime in the jungle with his strength, agility, and intellect.
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